Emergency Rant!

Emergency Rant!

Chill Dudes sells the most rigorously tested and pure CBD on the market. Period. We saw a problem with “gas station” CBD with zero regulation control leading to not trusting what’s on the label.

Did you know our COO, Ian Sparks, who served 3 combat tours in the Middle East cannot even test our own chill dudes CBD because the US Government won’t allow it? He follows orders, as he should but he literally cannot sleep at night due to PTSD!!!!!

What’s their alternative solution? Pump our men and women (civilians too) full of Xanax and pain pills. “Good luck to you” and don’t take too many.

The research is there to support health claims and companies who try to make a difference are handcuffed because big pharma wants skin in the game. Meanwhile..... people are f**king dying!

Though only making up 8% of the population, 13.5% of all suicide victims were former service members. 58% of which were under VA care and diagnosed with substance abuse and mental health issues.

We have to tip toe around Facebook, IG, Google as to not advertise our products on their platform. Meanwhile, I can hit my doctor up anytime if my head hurts and get prescribed a bottle of pills made in a lab to knock me out and /or “ease my pain”.

Give me a break. It’s time to take some action. We are going right for the jugular with zero fears of being “shut down”.

Repost it, make your own video/post, or anything that can make this a priority.


-- Alex Witt

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